HashiCorp Nomad Fundamentals

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

by Bryan Krausen

Familiarize Yourself with the Nomad Datacenter

Single Datacenter, Multi-Datacenter, and Federation

Single Binary Agent

Simplify your container and workload orchestration with a single binary for servers and clients!

Nomad Datacenter

Deploy a single Nomad datacenter, multi-datacenter, or even use federation to easily manage multi-regional workloads.


Learn how Nomad uses Raft, Serf, and RPC to manage a highly-available cluster for datacenter management!

Tired of the Complexity of Kubernetes?

Learn how to use Nomad to deploy and manage applications and services across multiple environments, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Start with Simple Nomad Jobs and Build to More Complex Scenarios as You Advance through the Content

About the Author

Bryan Krausen

Hi, I'm Bryan Krausen. I am a consultant, content creator, and instructor with over 20 years in IT. I specialize in HashiCorp tools and Amazon Web Services and have taught over 100,000 students.